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We developed number of software for data acquisition and analysis.

a.    The PFRET software is licensed for 2-color and 3-color FRET quantitative data analysis, providing accurate spectral bleedthrough corrections and FRET efficiency calculations. This PFRET software is used for data analysis for the images collected from wide-field, confocal, spectral and multiphoton microscopy imaging. This software can be used for any FRET pairs, endogenous or exogenous FRET pairs. The software was developed based on  imageJ (NIH based) Plugins - compatible for all computer operating systems. This is widely used by national and international researchers who we trained during our annual workshop on FRET microscopy. Contact UVA Patent Foundation ( to purchase the software.

b.    RLD Gating-FLIM Software

This software is designed for analyzing gating camera based FLIM images and capable of analyzing data for one or two-exponential decays. There are various data analysis strategies including global analysis and compatibility for all computer operating systems for gated images produced by the Becker Hickl software imageJ Plugins. Contact UVA Patent Foundation ( to purchase the software.

c.    Quantitative analysis of images is a major focus of KCCI. Time-lapse, Z-stacks and comparisons between control images and treatment generate substantial data pools. We approach analysis by creating discrete 'Regions of Interest' (ROIs), which match cell morphology and the ability to track spatial and temporal changes. Our above mentioned PFRET software ImageJ plugin has automated a wide range of threshold options to dissect image data. The data output still requires a substantial amount of analysis, for which we have developed additional ImageJ and MS Excel macros, speeding up data selection, graphing and statistics. We are able to provide additional automation modules as the need arises.

d. Idea Elan's Core Management Software To track the actual usage of instruments for billing we use Idea Elan's Actual Usage Tracker. All users need to get login credentials to use the software. For more information about the software please visit

Contact Dr. Ammasi Periasamy ( for more details regarding the software.