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laser work
Todd Sechser, Associate Professor of Politics
unc flim
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Performance in Old Cabell Hall Audiitorium
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From left, Alazar Aklilu, Emily Dhue and Joshua Palmer spent 72 hours with very little sleep as part of the Adrenaline Film Project.
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Artist’s conception of 2014 MU69 during New Horizons’ Jan. 1, 2019 flyby.

Our Mission

To make a wide range of state-of-the-art, cutting-edge light microscopy systems available to investigators at the University of Virginia and neighboring scientific communities for life science projects.

To be a resource for consultancy in all light microscopy related subjects: 

  • Optimal instrument application

  • Optimal fluorophore selection

  • Image processing and data analysis

To be a resource for training and education. 

To innovate and develop new imaging approaches and related technologies in cooperation with UVA faculty and other imaging experts. 

Recent Publications

Shagufta Rehman Alam, Horst Wallrabe, Kathryn Christopher, Karsten Siller, Ammasi Periasamy
Proc. SPIE 11965, 119650B (3 March 2022) (2022)
Shagufta Rehman Alam, Horst Wallrabe, Ammasi Periasamy
Asian Journal of Physics, March 2021 (2021)