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ISS Spectrofluorometry –Steady State and Lifetime

ISS spec

ISS Spectrofluorometry –Steady State and Lifetime [Funded by NIH – PPG project with Dr. Ben Gaston, Pediatrics, SOM; 2017]

The Chronos is a compact and portable spectrofluorometer for fluorescence lifetime measurements with picosecond resolution and for the acquisition of steady-state fluorescence measurements (polarization measurements at fixed wavelengths, kinetics studies; xenon arc lamp 230-850nm). The basic sample compartment instrument is designed for lifetime fluorescence measurements with time-correlated single-photon counting (TCSPC) using the data acquisition by Becker and Hickl (BH); the instrument can be equipped for frequency-domain data acquisition as well. The instrument uses pulsed lasers (laser diodes, Ti:Sapphire laser) as light sources (Pulsed LEDs - 280 nm & 370 nm). Photomultiplier tube (Model Hamamatsu H7422P-40), GaAsP photocathode, QE=40% at the peak, wavelength range 300-720 nm.