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Zeiss Z.1 Light Sheet Microscopy

Light shield

Zeiss Z.1 Light Sheet microscopy system [Funded by ETF funds, Biology, A&S Dean’s office; 2014]

Light sheet is a technology proven to capture high resolution, three-dimensional images while being very gentle on living samples. These capabilities, along with built-in environmental controls, enable long term imaging of entire organisms, including Drosophila, zebrafish, C. elegans, plants, cell spheroids, embryos (mouse or xenopus), young murine embryos and clarity tissue imaging.

Components & Features

  • The system is equipped with a dual illumination system.
  • Dual cMOS camera detection systems.
  • Objective lenses: 5x/0.1 and 10x/0.2;
  • Detection objective lens: 20x/1.0 or 5x/0.16;
  • Excitation laser lines: 405, 445, 488, 561, 515, and 638nm;